Wine & Food

Long Lunches & Occasional Dinners @ Guildford Vineyard

The cook, local organic farmers and veggie producers meet under the shadow of Grey Box trees in a small kitchen to create simply amazing combinations of fresh foods, herbs and spices that complement Guildford Vineyard wines, touching the intangible through taste and smell, becoming unstuck in time.

painting of food

Open weekends for Lunch on Saturday & Sundays, 12:30 to 5 pm.

Long Lunches: $50 per person for four courses.

Phone 0408 553 545

Instagram: @long_lunches

Victorian Wine Growth

September 2016 to June 2018: We are the proud recipients of the Victorian Wine Growth Funding awarded to assist us with expert viticulture practices that address challenges of climate change that particularly affect wine grapes.

Guildford Vineyard and Cellar vineyard view.

So we are focusing on biological methods of vineyard pest control with the construction of an instectarium and green manure mulching regime. We reflect upon these wonderful and sometimes weird whacky ideas about vibrant matter, the inter-relationship of viticulture, eco-agriculture, taste, our emotions and wild species biodiversity conservation through wine + food + culture events, workshops and lunches.