Meet the Team

The Vintner

Guildford Vineyard and Cellar.

In a great big bowl mix a history of travel, Utopian projects, dreams, ancient lineage of dairy farming in Devon, rural businesses and international engineering construction projects, silos, gas and oil fields, vineyards, migrant workers, India, and stir in a passion for beautiful shiraz, pepper and species and a layback Australian afternoon watching cricket to the distant calls of ravens.

The Architect

Guildford Vineyard and Cellar.

A melting pot of old French Huguenot winemakers, Yorkshire wool brokers and Africa, decades of architectural musings, cultural text, exile and boundaries that keep slipping and fading, the politics of ecology and a passion for viticulture, natural species biodiversity conservation and belief in vibrant matter.

Grapes on the vine at Guildford Vineyard and Cellar.

The Cook

Guildford Vineyard and Cellar.

Edible geography, intangible heritage practice of gastronomy, stirring, blanching, baking, searing, smoking, steeping, drying, fermenting, pickling, chopping, kneading, taste and emotions, and a passion for local food cultures and culinary traditions, Sulwesi and Thailand, New York, community gardens and ecological agriculture.

Winemakers and Consultants

We work with winemakers, viticulturalists, soil experts, ecologists, environmental scientists.

Our winemaker is Ron Snep, Welshmans Reef Winery, Central Victoria,
Our approach to wine making is low intervention handmade wines, controlled temperature fermentation to preserve fruit flavours. The use of both wild/natural yeasts. Minimal sulphur preservation used in French and American hogshead (300l) oak barrels.