Guildford Vineyard is located north of the Divide in the Central Victorian Uplands in Box Ironbark Forests. The vineyard is planted with Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viognier and Chardonnay grape varieties.

Brian and Mandy Jean established the vineyard converting former sheep paddocks in 2004. The vines grow between stony ridges of slate, quartz and sandstone that slice through the landscape. The ridges host Stringy Bark, Grey and Yellow Box Eucalypts and River Red Gums.

The impact of climate change is explored through viticulture and wine making production.

An integrated pest management system has been introduced and no pesticide sprays are used. Beneath the Eucalypt insectariums of native understorey plants have been planted. Our viticulture philosophy is based on biodynamic principles.

Several wine makers are invited each year to make micro batches of natural wine from our grapes. The wine reflects the affinities between time and place, the season and different personalities of the winemakers. Our wine labels are designed to interpret our response to changing weather patterns.

The chef, Zack Grumont, has joined us at the cellar door. We have an alfresco style restaurant serving long lunches and occasional dinners at the weekends. The cellar door restaurant is sited under a covered pergola. Like a bush grotto, it overlooks the vineyard. The food is wonderful, locally sourced, fresh and designed to match the different wines.

We promote a biophilic design approach i.e. we wish to connect with and share our love of the natural environment and conservation of wild species biodiversity.

We invite you to join us for a fabulous:

Long-Lunch and Wine at the Cellar Door Restaurant.
Music in the Vineyard with Wine Tasting programme in spring.
A tour of the Insectarium and to follow our viticulture practices.
Specially designed workshops to investigate that felt sense of biophilia!