Vintage Notes

Raw material

We produce four varietal wines, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Viognier. The seven acres of vineyards are divided into three parcels that extend across rocky low hills of weathered slate and sandstone ridges of the Central Victoria goldfields.

Guildford Vineyard and Cellar

Placing Touch

The elevation is 300 metres above sea level. The soils are low fertile, shallow and stony (slate, white quartz, sandstone and mud shale) that have retained their native vegetation. The health of the vineyard is intimately linked to the health of the soil. We work toward providing the carbon needed to build structural integrity and micro-organism health of the soil.

Touching Space

The climate has cold frosty winters and hot dry summers. The rainfall ranges between 100mm to 350mm a year. Each season is very different, we experience great seasonal climatic variability with often very low rainfall and strong winds. A description of each season and its relationship to the indigenous seasons is included in the bi-monthly Guildford vineyard newsletters.

Blossom trees at Guildford Vineyard and Cellar.


Our vineyard management is informed by the principles of agro-ecology, organic principles. We undertake extensive annual plantings of indigenous native plants for wild species biodiversity conservation.


We are a partner with Connecting Country in ‘Connecting Landscapes’ project as part of a group of 150 local landowners under an environmental stewardship agreement on a landscape scale to restore native vegetation and wildlife habitats on our land. Our vineyard is a kangaroo sanctuary.

Guildford Vineyard and Cellar - Our Dam

Feeling Our Way

We make the case that the primacy of sensory experience — making and tasting wine — does not reside solely within the boundaries of the skin but is social, individually felt, emotional and always shared. Viticulture is about a journey into an emotional geography, an entanglement of culture, history, seasonality, psychology, biology, politics and economy.